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Since 1935, Patisserie RIM mission statement is:

To promote the image of Batroun, by providing the local market with the best traditional oriental sweets and using the finest local raw material, within the capability of all clients.

We invite you on a journey to discover the ancient history of Batroun. It is from this history that Mr. Estephan Bechara created and developed his recipes for traditional Batroun Lemonade (RIMonade), Arabic Ice Cream, and Arabic Oriental Sweets.

Batroun, on the coast 50 km north of Beirut, is situated on a sandy beach-rock used as a quarry since antiquity. The city is located in a triangular shaped plain crossed by the river Nahr el-Jawz. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the west, the foothills of Mount Lebanon to the south and east, and the Ras ech-chaqa plateaum the ancient Theouprosopon to the north.

The earliest texts mentioning Batroun are the Amarna Letters sent by the governors of the coastal Canaanite cities to the Pharaos of Egypt to ask for help in repelling Amorite intruders.

During the roman period, Batroun used vinery symbols on its coinage to accredit the etymology of Botrys, its new Greco-Roman name.

On July 9th 551 A.D., a violent earthquake struck and destroyed hundreds of Levantine cities, including Batroun. The city did not recover from the catastrophe, and disappeared completely from the historical records until the 12th century A.D.

On the eve of the Crusades, Batroun was part of the Emirate of Banu Ammar, who ruled North Lebanon from the mid 11th century. Batroun was brought down by the crusaders and became part of the county of Tripoli by 1110.

A fort was erected in the center of the city, where some of its remains are still clearly visible today.

Batroun significance declined during the Mamluke period and remained so until the 19th century. The European travelers of the 17th-18th centuries describe it as ruined and almost abandoned. By the mid 19th century, Batroun rose from its ashes due to the newly introduced silk industry. The major historic buildings we see today are the best testimony of this development.

It was from the spirit of this remarkable legacy that our Patisserie was created to protect Batroun’s heritage, the RIM way!

In 1935, Estephan Nassim Bechara started this business from nothing. He developed all his specialties from scratch, and added a special Batrounese twist to the existing ones. He developed his recipes from trial and error. He surfed the Batrounese coasts and mountains with his carriage, selling sweets and ice creams for his loyal and thirsty customers that wait him from an event to another. He was reputed to traverse the villages very fast in one day, which gained him the nickname RIM (translated in English).

In 1950, Patisserie RIM was established in Batroun Main Street, and in this same place we are still running our family business. The tradition continued with Elie Estephan Bechara (RIM), and while sustaining the RIM specialties, added a modern flavor to all the Arabic sweets, Arabic Ice Cream, and especially the Batroun Lemonade. Those flavors are a well kept secret into the family, and runs from one generation to another like a fortune.

With a philosophy of: Be on the top of the pyramid in all your actions, Patisserie RIM created his niche collection of specialties based on the sophisticated guest needs for premium quality.
We thank you, our loyal customers, for trusting your RIM from generation to generation.

RIMly yours.

Patisserie RIM


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