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Arabic ice cream | Patisserie RIM
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Menu Card

Arabic Ice Cream

23. November, 2012


Patisserie RIM traditional Arabic Ice Cream

Arabic Ice Cream Ingredients

  • Sahlab
  • Milk
  • Natural flavors
  • Sugar


If you are tired of the same Gelato everyday, how about if you go back to the roots once and try the Traditional Arabic Ice Cream at Patisserie RIM!!!!
Our Ice Cream is all made of the freshest, most expensive ingredients in the market.
While we base ourselves on the ingredients to be based on Batroun Products, we assure to our guests that an Old Fashioned Arabic Ice Cream is one of the best experiences they can indulge themselves into.

Whether it is Vanilla flavor, or a Strawberry flavor passing by the chocolate, pistachio, nuts, lemon, kachta, and rose, a quality taste is always guaranteed.

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