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Batroun Lemonade | Patisserie RIM
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Batroun Lemonade

23. November, 2012


Batroun Lemonade Ingredients

  • Lemon
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Orange flower water (on demand)


You might think that 80 years of experience in Lemonade making is enough to master this craft, but here at Patisserie RIM we can assure you that 80 years is only a one step in the 1000 miles journey of Lemonade mastering.

However, we at Patisserie RIM dedicated most of our time in this art, and invested so much time, and knowledge in making the BATROUNESE YELLOW WINE!!

As much as it sounds simple, as much as it gets more and more sophisticated when we dive into it: “If Lemonade tasted the same two days in a row, then it is not fresh” says Elie Bechara (RIM) while commenting on the complexity of making fresh lemonade.

With only Lemons, sugar, water, and magic hands, Patisserie RIM succeeded to acquire a huge reputation for its Lemonade. From presidents, to ministers, to foreign tourists, everyone who came to Batroun must have tasted the RIM lemonade. Now in their third generation, the RIM family still develops their recipe, and it is truly a secret by itself that no one can know it.

Tasting the special and authentic Batroun Lemonade at Patisserie RIM, or what we call RIMonade, is on the top TODO lists of all the tourists visiting Batroun. You are more than welcome.

N.B: Do you want to offer Batroun Lemonade in your marriage, banquet or special occasion? Patisserie RIM offer special packages for your special occasion. We are more than glad to hear from you.


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